Pulahdus, winter swimming in Espoo!

The association of Pulahdus was established in 1998. Its objective is to promote winter swimming and to increase the physical wellness and health of its members. Pulahdus also wants to establish the winter swimming to be a life-long hobby and the way of living.

How to join Pulahdus?

You can apply for membership by submitting the membership application
The one-time joining fee is 15 euros and the annual membership fee is 15 euros. 

Your membership is activated once these fees have been paid (30e). You will receive an email once your application has been processed. Membership applications are processed once a month. 

The first year's membership fee and the joining fee are billed via email within a month of submitting the application.  Thereafter, the annual membership fee is billed in March.

Please be aware, Pulahdus has not insured its members against possible injuries. Each member is responsible for their own safety. 

Should you have questions, please contact: info@pulahdus.fi.